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Google may be taunting us by holding onto its Android 4.4 launch event for as long as it possibly can, but there are plenty of signs to suggest it’s right around the corner. In addition to the countless Nexus 5 leaks, we’ve also seen leaked screenshots and some teasers. But the latest sign is a whole bunch of updates for Google’s own Android apps, which have begun rolling out today.


Advertising and mobile analytics company, Flurry, has released some new stats on the reach that mobile apps seem to be enjoying. The take-away here is that the number of people using mobile apps in any given day, at least the apps that Flurry tracks, seems to be growing into a sizable group of people, albeit a bit fragmented across platforms and devices.

Flurry estimates that there were 224 million active mobile users in apps tracked this past February across iOS and Android, which is a bit more than the number of active users (221 million) during the same month on laptop or desktop computers, as measured by comScore, a similar company that tracks computer user data.

Note: Title has been changed to reflect “in-app” revenue

You may have seen this report around the web about the Amazon Appstore generating more in-app revenue than the Google Play Store. While that in itself it impressive, everyone seems to be missing the most important detail of the report: Android is generating more in-app revenue than iOS. At least that’s what this report is claiming.

comScore remains a leading source for measuring key mobile trends, and their latest report is giving me a sense of deja vu. If we look at the results from the three month period ending November 2011, it’s safe to say that not much has changed. Samsung still remains the top OEM with 25.6 percent of U.S. mobile subscribers (up 0.3 percentage points), followed by LG with 20.5 percent. RIM finished last out of the top 5 with a 6.5 percent share (down 0.6). As for mobile OS platforms, I bet you can guess who’s leading.

Christmas day has historically been a record shattering day in terms of new device activations and app downloads. This Christmas was no different according to these recent stats published by Flurry Analytics. Using a baseline average taken from the first 20 days of December, Flurry showed that new Android and iOS device activations rose 353% on Christmas day. While averaging around 1.5 million activations during the month of December, activations jumped to more than 6.8 million on Christmas day. Ho, ho, ho — ly rising reindeer! That’s a staggering increase and to get a better feel for just how impressive those numbers are, only 2.8 million devices were activated last Christmas day.