Google Updates More Than A Dozen Apps Ahead Of Android 4.4 KitKat


Google may be taunting us by holding onto its Android 4.4 launch event for as long as it possibly can, but there are plenty of signs to suggest it’s right around the corner. In addition to the countless Nexus 5 leaks, we’ve also seen leaked screenshots and some teasers. But the latest sign is a whole bunch of updates for Google’s own Android apps, which have begun rolling out today.

Granted, some of the updates — such as those to Google+ and Hangouts — are as a result of the announcements Google made at its Morning with Google+ event on Tuesday. But there are another 14 updates rolling out today for Google Play Services, Gmail, Google Drive, Calendar, Earth, Translate, Chrome, Goggles, Play Magazines, Keep, Wallet, Blogger, Analytics, and Fiber.

When you see a bunch of updates rolling out en masse like this, it must mean something big — like Google is preparing for the imminent release of a big Android update.

We still have no idea when that will happen, unfortunately. Rumored launch dates have come and gone, and Google continues to keep us waiting. Some reports claim that we could see something today or tomorrow, but I wouldn’t get your hopes up too much. Google is yet to issue press invites yet, and those usually come way ahead of the actual event.