Latest Flurry Analytics Report Shows Android Apps Generating More In-App Revenue Than iOS

Note: Title has been changed to reflect “in-app” revenue

You may have seen this report around the web about the Amazon Appstore generating more in-app revenue than the Google Play Store. While that in itself it impressive, everyone seems to be missing the most important detail of the report: Android is generating more in-app revenue than iOS. At least that’s what this report is claiming.

According to Flurry, they measured the revenue of a slew of top-ranked apps with similar presence across iOS, Amazon and Android over a 45-day period, from mid-January through the end of February 2012. According to their findings, for every $1.00 an app generates in the iTunes App Store, it generates $0.89 in the Amazon Appstore and $0.23 in Google Play. Since the apps in the Amazon Appstore are essentially the same apps that are in the Google Play Store, that would mean for every $1.00 an app generates for an iOS developer, it generates $1.12 for an Android developer, therefore making it more lucrative to develop for Android (according to Flurry).

On a serious note, who the hell cares which Android “store” is generating more money? If you are a developer, you’re looking to see which operating systems are worth developing for. Right now that’s iOS and Android. Android has the advantage of having multiple markets in which to sell your app. Apple has one store — that’s it! This news makes me giddy inside, because if you keep going with it and figure in revenue from other app stores such as GetJar, then Android jumps even further ahead.

So I guess the real story here is: If you’re an Android developer, make sure to put your app in more than one “appstore,” because you’ll increase your odds of generating revenue (I know, who wold have thought?). That, and it’s time to start releasing apps on iOS and Android simultaneously because people are app hungry and consuming from multiple facets.