Flurry Analytics Reports New Android And iOS Device Activations Up 353% On Christmas Day

Christmas day has historically been a record shattering day in terms of new device activations and app downloads. This Christmas was no different according to these recent stats published by Flurry Analytics. Using a baseline average taken from the first 20 days of December, Flurry showed that new Android and iOS device activations rose 353% on Christmas day. While averaging around 1.5 million activations during the month of December, activations jumped to more than 6.8 million on Christmas day. Ho, ho, ho — ly rising reindeer! That’s a staggering increase and to get a better feel for just how impressive those numbers are, only 2.8 million devices were activated last Christmas day.

Flurry also estimates app downloads to have increased 125% on Christmas day compared to previous days in December. This Christmas also saw the single largest number of app downloaded in a single day with over a quarter of a billion downloads — more than doubling any previous day in the history of Android and iOS (excluding December 24th). They go on to chart app downloads throughout a 24 hour period, per hour, and show an astonishing 175 million apps being downloaded between 11AM and 11PM Christmas day. These numbers just reiterate the fact that the mobile market is growing at a stupefying rate and remains open to tremendous opportunities.

So how did you spend your Christmas? Did you download any apps or activate a new device? Did you help contribute to these record shattering numbers? I know we did! We hope you’re enjoying your new device or app as much as we are. Here’s to more mobile mayhem in the year 2012! Cheers!

via CNET