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PhotoSync, the best iOS-to-iOS-to-Mac-to-Windows photo transfer app out there, is now fully iOS 7 compliant, and adds support for Android. Yes, Android. LOL.

Thinking about grabbing that sweet HTC One M8 to use as a camera? Forget it – while HTC was spending all its time adding that second, depth-measuring camera, it forgot to make the main camera good enough to take decent pictures.

iMore has tested the M8 and the iPhone 5S side by side, and the iPhone wins in every round (strictly speaking the M8 wins one, but if you look a the pictures you’ll see that it was the iPhone that took the better photos).

Can you solve the Rubik Cube? As an 80s child, I can, but I can’t do it in anywhere near as fast as a robot. David Gilday and Mike Dobson’s Cubestormer 3 can take the puzzle from haphazard mess to ADD-friendly uniformity in just 3.253 seconds, powered by the brain of an Android phone.

When I first read this headline, I thought Sony had already obsolete it’s own QX lens cameras with new models, barely a few months after launch:

Sony Upgrades QX10 & QX100 Lens Cams with Higher ISO, Shutter Priority and 1080p

But no: these new features are free, and can be applied to your existing lens-cam with nothing more than a firmware update. That’s pretty neat, right? It’s almost as if Sony has been paying attention to Fujifilm and it’s awesome feature-adding, camera-improving updates.


Gmail now lets you star contacts in the web app, and if you use an Android phone then those stars will sync across to your mobile address book. They’ll also be added to a special starred section of your contacts list, and sync with your Android Favorites.

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