Google Adds Starred Contacts To Gmail


Gmail now lets you star contacts in the web app, and if you use an Android phone then those stars will sync across to your mobile address book. They’ll also be added to a special starred section of your contacts list, and sync with your Android Favorites.

I used to be a huge Google fan. If Google made it, I’d use it. And then things started to go wrong. Gmail is now so slow it’s an embarrassment for a company whose reputation is based on clean web pages and speed. Google Reader is no more. And between Google thirst for my personal data and the fact that it keeps shutting down services, it’s no longer very attractive as a service provider.

That said, I do miss Gmail’s labels, and having starred contacts aka a favorites group seems handy too. It also sounds pretty handy for Google, letting it know who your really important contacts are. But maybe I’m just being paranoid?