Firmware Update Adds Great New Features To Sony’s Lens Cameras

When I first read this headline, I thought Sony had already obsolete it’s own QX lens cameras with new models, barely a few months after launch:

Sony Upgrades QX10 & QX100 Lens Cams with Higher ISO, Shutter Priority and 1080p

But no: these new features are free, and can be applied to your existing lens-cam with nothing more than a firmware update. That’s pretty neat, right? It’s almost as if Sony has been paying attention to Fujifilm and it’s awesome feature-adding, camera-improving updates.

The QX-series lens cameras are those neat-looking full-featured cameras which clip onto your phone or tablet and add effectively a large-sensor camera, letting you control the unit and receive the resulting photos over Wi-Fi.

The update adds the following features:

ISO Setting added
Movie Recording size changed: MP4 1440 x 1080(30p) to MP4 1920 x 1080(30p)
Shutter Speed Priority Shooting mode added (DSC-QX100 only)

Not bad, right? The updaters are available for both PC and Mac, and can be had at the links below. The only thing I don’t like is this line from step two of the Mac instructions

To load a kernel extension, the message prompts you to allow the application to make changes. Type the password for the administrative account.

Kernel extension? For a firmware update to your camera? Can anyone remember the Sony BMG scandal?

Source: Windows Update