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Next year, Europeans will most likely be able to travel around their happy Union and enjoy the same call and data charges as they do when they’re at home. But even before roaming is scrapped, the EU is pushing down prices. As of now, travelers in the Eurozone will enjoy more than a third off the prices of calls, data and SMS messages.

This is a great idea: It’s a gadget that bolts onto your car’s dashboard and won’t let the engine start unless your phone is in it’s slot. The device is called the Origosafe, and it is designed to stop your teen from driving whilst texting, or whatever. And it will. As long as your teen has a Galaxy S3.

mwc2013bug-coaBARCELONA, MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS – Quick: What’s better than one screen? Two screens, of course. Or so says NEC with its funky new Android 4.1-powered Medias Tab.

You know what the world really needs? Yet another golfers gadget. And what could be more essential to the world than a Universal Golf GPS and Smartphone Mount for your golf cart? Yes, I’m serious.

This old video, bubbled up via Reddit, is a perfect look back at the all-manual past of photography as we head into yet another amazing year of easy iPhoneography.

It shows the most common method for focussing SLR cameras, using a split screen and microprism etched into the focussing screen that lays horizontally at the bottom of the camera’s pentaprism (the top-mounted turret that houses the viewfinder assembly).

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