EU Cuts Another 36% Off Data Roaming Fees

Next year, Europeans will most likely be able to travel around their happy Union and enjoy the same call and data charges as they do when they’re at home. But even before roaming is scrapped, the EU is pushing down prices. As of now, travelers in the Eurozone will enjoy more than a third off the prices of calls, data and SMS messages.

Service Cost Reduction Compared to 2012
Data 45 cents/MB 36%
Making calls 24 cents/min 17%
Receiving calls 7 cents/min 12.5%
Send SMS 8 cents 11%

These fees apply unless you have a special package arranged with your service provider. And if you’re visiting from outside the EU, you’re still screwed: these rules only apply to EU citizens. Then again, it’s entirely possible that there will soon be a Euro-wide card for travelers that’ll let Johnny Foreigner take advantage of these new lower tariffs.

Source: European Commission