Golf-Cart Mount For Your Smartphone Signals End Of Human Civilization

You know what the world really needs? Yet another golfers gadget. And what could be more essential to the world than a Universal Golf GPS and Smartphone Mount for your golf cart? Yes, I’m serious.

The mount is from Bracketron, and it solves a problem likely experienced by every ardent golf enthusiast: getting lost on the fairway. Imagine the scene: You have just hit your ball towards the green, indicated not 300 yards away by a flag in a hole. Now, somewhere between whacking the dimpled sphere off towards that clearly-visible flag and getting into your golf cart, you completely lose track of where that flag has gotten to.

Thank god for GPS!

The Bracketron costs just $30, or less than a price of a round at the 19th hole, but the real cost is much greater. The real cost is the loss of your dignity. Then again, if you’re lugging your 400 pounds of flab around a flat field in an electric cart instead of just walking, you probably don’t have much dignity left anyway.

Available now.