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Angry Birds SpaceĀ for Android and iOS has today received yet another big update, introducing a brand new galaxy with 30 new levels. It’s called Splash, and every planet is filled with water, strange aquatic life, and pigs in boats. The update also promises the “ultimate under water boss level.”

It’s official: there’s no stopping the avian madness! Defying the universal law of gravitation, Angry Birds Space has now been downloaded over 100,000,000 times. Add any more zeros to that and the world will probably reset. It’s absolutely unbelievable how Rovio has manged to take one colorful physics game and turn it into a global sensation. My kids are even buying Angry Birds’ fruit snacks now. If you were hoping to one day escape the madness, it’s time you accept the fact that there is no cure for this avian pandemic and it’s spreading faster than ever.

It’s hard to believe a mobile game franchise that’s about four years old could be more popular than ever but that seems to be the case with the uber-popular Angry Birds. Today, Rovio announced their latest iteration, Angry Birds Space, has broken all previous records and surpassed 50 million downloads in just 35 days — making it one of the fastest growing mobile games of all time.

The first Angry Birds Space update for Android and iOS is really eggciting.

Angry Birds Space, the latest title in the hugely successful Angry Birds series, has received its first update today, bringing 10 new levels, a golden “eggteroid” and more to Android and iOS. Those playing on an iPhone or iPad will also receive 20 free Space Eagles, plus one extra Space Eagle every day they play.

If you thought interest in the slingshotting hit Angry Birds has faded over the years, you’d be sorely mistaken. In fact, it seems to be even more popular according to the latest numbers announced by Rovio. According to Rovio, their latest Angry Birds Space netted 10 million downloads in less than three day. That’s quite an accomplishment, and to put things into perspective, it took Angry Birds Rio ten days to reach 10 million downloads.

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