Angry Birds Space Blasts Past 100,000,000 Downloads

It’s official: there’s no stopping the avian madness! Defying the universal law of gravitation, Angry Birds Space has now been downloaded over 100,000,000 times. Add any more zeros to that and the world will probably reset. It’s absolutely unbelievable how Rovio has manged to take one colorful physics game and turn it into a global sensation. My kids are even buying Angry Birds’ fruit snacks now. If you were hoping to one day escape the madness, it’s time you accept the fact that there is no cure for this avian pandemic and it’s spreading faster than ever.

I’m a bit surprised Rovio hasn’t released some sort of special level or character to celebrate this milestone but considering they just released the delicious food planet of Utopia on Android, they probably want to give us a day or two to breathe before sucking us back in.

If you haven’t already downloaded Angry Birds Space or the latest update, you can grab it by following the link below. Congrats once again Rovio.