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No, the OnePlus One is not waterproof — and no, its warranty does not cover water damage. Don’t be fooled by those YouTube videos that claim it is, then. While the handset is designed to withstand mist and the odd rain droplet, it will not survive submersion in water, so don’t try bathing with it.


It’s time to upgrade your smartphone — but which Android should you choose? Samsung and HTC just launched their latest flagships, and both are excellent devices. Deciding which would be best for you isn’t easy, but taking a close look at key features can help.

In this piece, we’ll outline five reasons why you should choose Samsung’s Galaxy S5 over the HTC One M8. In a parallel post, we’ll list five reasons to go with HTC’s latest model. Comparing the two should help you decide which handset is more worthy your hard-earned cash.


Sony appears to be having some teething troubles with its new Xperia Z2 flagship, which made its debut in Singapore last week. Not only is the device prone to overheating when recording 4K video, but cooling it down in a bowl of water could be fatal for those who received a defective device with gaps in its chassis.

Fortunately, Sony is already aware of both issues, and the Japanese promises it is investigating them.


Amazon is at present offering Sony’s former flagship smartphone of 2013, the Xperia Z, for $449.99 as part of its Boxing Day Deals Week — shaving a whopping $330 off of the online retailers usual price.

Huawei Honor 3

Two days ago, Huawei officially unveiled its latest affordable mid-range Android smartphone, the Honor 3, which is one of the company’s most unique devices on the market. It features IP57 dust and waterproofing, with a touchscreen that is capable of recognizing wet fingertips. This handset is now available to purchase in China for ¥1,888 ($309).

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