Sony reminds us why we shouldn’t ignore its Xperia smartphones

Who would do this? Photo: Sony

Who would do this? Photo: Sony

Sony makes some pretty great smartphones, but the vast majority of consumers — especially those in the U.S. — just aren’t interested in them. But in a new Xperia Z3 ad, the Japanese company hopes to remind us why we shouldn’t ignore its flagship devices.

Not only does the Xperia Z3 deliver great design, with glass panels on its front and back — just like the new Galaxy S6 and S6 edge — but unlike the rest of its high-end competitors, it’s water-resistant. And to a lot of people, that’s important.

Samsung has dabbled with water-resistant devices itself, of course — last year’s Galaxy S5 was IP67-certified and could withstand up to 1 meter of water for 30 minutes — but for whatever reason, the South Korean company decided this wasn’t necessary for its latest devices.

If you want a smartphone with great specifications and good design that doesn’t mind getting wet, then, the Xperia Z3 could be right up your street. Or your only option.

Just bear in mind that an Xperia Z4 is right around the corner.

Sony has already announced one in Japan, and although the company says that particular model is exclusive to its home country, there will be an alternative for international markets (providing Sony doesn’t throw in the towel on its smartphone business before then).