The OnePlus One isn’t waterproof, so don’t get it wet


No, the OnePlus One is not waterproof — and no, its warranty does not cover water damage. Don’t be fooled by those YouTube videos that claim it is, then. While the handset is designed to withstand mist and the odd rain droplet, it will not survive submersion in water, so don’t try bathing with it.

OnePlus last week finally began shipping its new One smartphone out to those who were lucky enough to receive an invite. Over the past few days, a number of videos have appeared on YouTube that claim the handset is waterproof. One — embedded below — even shows the handset being dipped in a dirty puddle.

The device appears to be working just fine after, but we can assure you this is just luck.

If the One was waterproof, OnePlus would advertise it — just like Samsung and Sony do. After all, this is a huge selling point, so it’s something handset makers would want to shout about it. The reason OnePlus isn’t doing that is because the claims aren’t true.

The OnePlus One is put through a multitude of tests in varied conditions including mist and water,” a spokesperson for the company told Cult of Android. “While it is built to the highest standard, the OnePlus One is not endorsed as a water resistant product and water damage will not be covered by warranty.”

If you choose to put your One in water for YouTube views, then, and it doesn’t survive, well, that’s your own fault. Just don’t expect a free replacement.