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Moto 360

The Moto 360. Image: Motorola

To celebrate the launch of its upcoming smartwatch, Motorola has teamed up with the folks over at Yo Messaging in order to give away twenty of its Moto 360 watches.

Meet the Gear S. Image: Samsung Tomorrow.

Meet the Gear S. Image: Samsung Tomorrow.

Today, Samsung officially took the wraps off its Gear S — the first ever standalone, Tizen-powered smartwatch with 3G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth compatibility. Yes, that’s right, folks. This watch does not need to be paired to a smartphone; you can stay up to date with all your notifications from social networks, calendars and applications even when your phone is nowhere to be seen. You can make and receive calls too with the Gear S. Now that’s pretty cool.


Google today published a bunch of new ads for Android Wear, showcasing features like voice search, traffic information, and the ability to send text messages from your wrist. This is the search giant’s first big marketing push for the Android Wear platform since it made its public debut back in June.


Asus will unveil its first Android Wear smartwatch at IFA 2014 in Berlin next month. Asus CEO Jerry Shen revealed the news to investors at a conference in Taiwan, reports claim, and he promised the device will look better than competing wearables from rival companies.


Quitting and breaking the extremely addictive habit of smoking is a truly memorable achievement. It requires determination, commitment and oodles of will power — so wouldn’t it be great to have a reminder of your success in your day-to-day life? One of the main reasons, aside from health benefits, that urges people to give up is financial stability, and that’s where Stop Smoking! for Android Wear comes into play.

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