Samsung’s first iOS app will make Gear S2 watch iPhone-friendly

Gear S2 could soon be teaming up with iPhone. Photo: Samsung

Gear S2 could soon be teaming up with iPhone. Photo: Samsung

Samsung is working on its first app for iOS, and it’s going to allow iPhone owners to use its new Gear S2 smartwatch. The South Korean company is working on the Gear Manager app now, according to sources — and Samsung is keen to make it available as soon as possible.

The Gear S2 is Samsung’s first smartwatch that supports a long list of third-party Android devices — not just its own Galaxy lineup. But to give the device an even great chance at success — and to tackle the Apple Watch head on — Samsung wants to make it iPhone-friendly, too.

Samsung admitted that supporting the iPhone was a possibility back in September, and now the reliable SamMobile claims the company is already working on a Gear Manager app for iOS.

“Gear Manager for iOS means iPhone owners will be able to use one of the most beautiful smartwatches in the market,” the report reads. “It remains to be seen when iOS support will officially arrive, though Samsung will no doubt be trying to hurry up development as much as it can.”

Samsung doesn’t have a great deal to lose by making the Gear S2 compatible with iPhone. No one’s going to buy a certain smartphone just to use a certain smartwatch (except maybe Apple Watch), so it’s not like it’s going to negatively affect smartphone sales.

If anything, the move will simply boost Gear S2 sales, and if Samsung’s really lucky, it’ll encourage iPhone users to check out its other offerings, and perhaps switch to a Galaxy smartphone later.