Samsung could make its new Gear S2 watch iPhone-friendly

Samsung's new smartwatch could hit Apple Watch where it really hurts. Photo: Samsung

Samsung’s new smartwatch could hit Apple Watch where it really hurts. Photo: Samsung

Samsung’s new Gear S2 smartwatch is its first to support third-party Android devices, and the South Korean company is reportedly looking extend its reach even further by supporting rival platforms, too.

According to one report, the Gear S2 and Gear S2 classic could soon play nicely with iPhone.

The Gear S2 is by far the best smartwatch we’ve seen so far from Samsung, with an attractive design that has seen plenty of praise since its unveiling, and an all-new operating system based on Tizen that hopes to compete with Android Wear.

To really take the fight to Google’s platform, and compete with Apple Watch in its own back yard, Samsung is looking to match Wear’s newfound support for iPhone.

“We are looking at possibilities to open it up to iOS,” a Samsung spokesperson reportedly told Digital Spy. “Because we opened it up to Android, we are looking at this.”

Apple and Samsung might be worst enemies, and their products rarely come together for the greater good, but the Gear S2 could give traditional watch owners who prefer round faces a decent alternative to Apple Watch.

And with full control over its own Tizen software, Samsung could make Gear S2 work with Apple’s own platforms like HealthKit, which would give it an advantage over Android Wear. It could also tweak other things to make the experience with iPhone more seamless.

Of course, while Samsung is “looking at the possibilities” of bringing Gear S2 support to iOS, that doesn’t mean it’s going to happen, so we shouldn’t get too carried away at this point. But at least the company isn’t ignoring an potential iPhone partnership altogether.