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Details of the November Uncarrier event may have gotten an early reveal. Photo: T-Mobile

T-Mobile is hosting its 10th Uncarrier event on November 10 and @evleaks was on the case to find out what the carrier has in store for us. The very reliable Evan Blass tweeted that the Uncarrier 10 move will offer unlimited video streaming from services like Netflix, Hulu and HBO that doesn’t count against your data plan.

Google's new Nexus ads are great. Photo: Google

Google’s new Nexus ads are great. Photo: Google

Google has rolled out its first TV ads for the new Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P as the more affordable of the two options makes its debut in seven markets around the world. Both ads are just under one minute long, and they let the new phones speak for themselves.

Making fake blood? Google Search can help.

Making fake blood? Google Search can help.

Google is celebrating Halloween early this year with a new ad that reminds us just how useful Search is. The 30-second video demonstrates a number of ways in which Google Search on Android could come in handy while you’re out trick or treating.

Android where you'd least expect it. Photo: Dit Is Normaal

Android where you’d least expect it. Photo: Dit Is Normaal

Loyal iPhone fans will argue iOS is much better than Android, but many have never even used Google’s platform. That’s proven in the hilarious video below, in which Apple fanboys are fooled into thinking Lollipop running on an iPhone is the iOS 9 update that’s coming this fall.


YouTube now plays in portrait. Screenshots: Android Police

If you want to enjoy a YouTube video in fullscreen on Android, you have to watch it in landscape mode, which makes watching videos recorded in portrait an even more horrifying experience. But thanks to the app’s latest update, portrait videos are ever so slightly more bearable.

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