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On paper, the Galaxy S5 and the new HTC One (M8) sport relatively the same specs. The S5 does sport a slightly faster Snapdragon 801 chipset — 2.5GHz vs. 2.3GHz on the One — but that difference is barely noticeable in real life.

Well, as it turns out, Samsung did not really pay much attention to optimising its TouchWiz skin for the hardware on the Galaxy S5 and the device is actually slower than the One (M8) in certain day-to-day tasks. 


While you may think your new Galaxy S5 is super secure when using fingerprint authentication, you’d be surprised by how easily it can be fooled. Using ordinary wood glue, a team of security researchers were able to create a dummy fingerprint and not only unlock the Galaxy S5 but also gain access to its PayPal app.


No one likes to see a brand new smartphone being smashed to pieces unnecessarily, so this torture test video featuring a Galaxy S5 that fights back is the most enjoyable one you’ll find on YouTube. It looks like the handset is going to go down easily after several whacks with a large hammer — but it only takes one blow to the battery to send its abuser running in the opposite direction.


At $50, HTC’s official Dot View case for the One M8 is pretty expensive. Especially when you consider it’s essentially just a regular case with some holes in the front. In fact, all you need is a drill and a steady hand and you can hack together your own for as little as $10.


Thanks to its Gorilla Glass 3 display, the new HTC One M8 is surprisingly strong. As you’ll see in the video torture test below, it won’t just withstand light scratches from keys and sharp knives — but also some impressive force from a hammer.

The handset’s aluminum unibody, on the other hand, isn’t quite so tough.

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