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Google is slowly rolling out 1080p streaming within the official YouTube app for all Android devices that support it, but it seems the change is happening pretty slowly. If you’re one of the many still waiting for it and you have a rooted device, you can now enable 1080p streaming yourself with this super simple trick.


One of the highlights of the LG G3 is that its impressive 13-megapixel camera has the ability to record super sharp 4K video, but it’s somewhat spoiled by LG’s aggressive post-processing. As is often the case, however, third-party developers have devised a tweak that makes 4K video recording even better.

It also boosts 1080p recording from 30 frames-per-second to 60 frames-per-second — but you’ll need root access to install it.


We’ve seen brief glimpses of the Moto X+1 in recent months, but the latest is a five-minute video that gives us a hands-on look at the device’s software and design changes. Although it isn’t vastly different from its predecessor, the device does appear to have slightly slimmer bezels and a more rounded form factor.


Yahoo has ambitious plans to take on YouTube with a new video service of its own, according to sources familiar with its plans — and it is reportedly set to make its debut this summer. The company is already in talks with video producers, and it plans to offer them a significantly greater cut of ad revenues in an effort to convince them to switch.


I couldn’t be more excited for the Android Wear platform, and indeed one of its first supporters, the G Watch from LG. Both of which look ready to revolutionize the smartwatch, which, until now, has been somewhat lacking and in dire need of improvement.

To remind us that the G Watch is well on its way, LG today released a new one-minute teaser trailer, which makes the wearable’s impressive feature-set its focus.

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