Google takes a subtle swipe at Apple in new Android ad

"Be together. Not the same." Photo: Google

“Be together. Not the same.” Photo: Google

Google takes a leaf out of Samsung’s marketing playbook in its latest Android ad, with a subtle swipe at Apple and the lack of choice you get when you choose iOS.

“Monotune” is part of the company’s “Be together. Not the same.” campaign, and it’s nothing short of brilliant.

Like all of Google’s ads in this series, this one wants to remind us that Android offers choice. Whether you like your devices to be big or small, super pretty or tough and robust, made by Samsung or LG, you’ll find something running Android that meets your needs.

And when you get that device, you can endlessly customize it to suit you.

Choose iOS, on the other hand, and you have a choice between iPhone and… well, iPhone. Sure, there are different sizes to choose from now, but they all deliver exactly the same experience, and your customization options are pretty limited.

Google attempts to highlight that in the video below. “A piano has 88 keys,” the ad says. “Each one is different. But what if they were all the same?”