Google: Maps ad does not confirm we’re killing the app drawer

Android no app drawer

Spot the missing feature. Photo: Google

Put down your pitchforks and wipe the tears from your eyes, because Android’s app drawer isn’t going anywhere… yet.

Google has denied that a recent promo video hints at the removal of this beloved feature in its upcoming Android N upgrade.

The app drawer has been baked into Android since its inception, and users love it. But a recent rumor claimed Google could do away with it in Android N this fall. Those claims seemed to strengthen when LG and HTC announced new smartphones without app drawers by default.

Google then released a Google Maps promotional video featuring a stock Android device without an app drawer icon in its dock.

I’m convinced this was a troll based on all the recent reports — but either way, Google insists it means nothing. “This Google Maps video is an inaccurate version of their UI,” reports Droid-Life, which was contacted by Google. “This is not a hint or previous of what’s to come.”

This still doesn’t confirm or deny the app drawer will be sticking around, but if Google is keeping an eye on the from Android users all over the web, any plans to remove it will likely be reconsidered now. We’ll find out more in May when Android N gets its first preview.

Until then, stop losing sleep over it!