Google teases us by showing off Android without an app drawer

Android no app drawer

Spot the missing feature. Photo: Google

If you’re concerned that Google is about to kill Android’s app drawer, look away now.

The beloved feature, which has been baked into Android since its inception, is nowhere to be seen in a new video released to promote Google Maps.

Earlier this month, one rumor claimed that none of the Android N builds Google is currently testing feature an app drawer. All installed apps appear on the home screen instead — just like they do on iOS.

Many fans were quick to dismiss that rumor, and convinced themselves Google wouldn’t do such a thing. But then new Android devices started appearing without app drawers baked in by default — such as the new LG G5 and the HTC One X9.

Now Google is teasing us with promotional videos that show pure Android without an app drawer icon in the dock. Look closely at the video below during the first few seconds.

I recently explained why it makes sense to remove the app drawer, and why the move wouldn’t really affect existing Android users. But we’re almost certain Google did this just to troll us following those rumors, and it doesn’t confirm or deny anything yet.

We’ll find out more about Android N at Google I/O in May.