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With Google Glass still available only to a limited number of Glass Explorers who are willing to stump up $1,500, its app catalog is still looking a little bare. Fortunately, there are third-party developers out there who are trying to make up for the lack of support from official apps.

David V├ívra is one of them, and he just released Google Glass’s first Foursquare client called Glasquare.


A new Foursquare update recently touched down on Google Play that introduces its ‘most requested feature’ ever, according to its developers. The update adds the ability to check in with your friends whenever you go places together.

Same Instagram, fresh coat of paint.

A big Instagram update is now available for Android and iOS devices. The camera interface of the app has been improved with a quick preview of the last picture you took on your device. Now there’s an optional grid guide for taking pictures and a permanent grid to help you with aligning when you’re scaling and cropping. For iPhone 5 users, Instagram has included an “improved Camera Roll image selector for quick access to your last photograph.”

Today’s update also includes a number of speed enhancements, Foursquare buttons, several design tweaks, and a new filter called “Willow.”

Foursquare received a surprise makeover today, and no, Oprah wasn’t involved — but there is a revamped UI and some behind the scenes enhancements to get excited about. Foursquare hit 5.0 today, and brought with it an Ice Cream friendly UI, a re-imagined Explore system, faster check-in, and more. The focus seems to be more on social discovery versus mindless check-in.

Foursquare continues to update their popular check-in app for Android and just recently added some of the great features from their recent Explore on the web. The new Explore function provides smarter searching and allows users to change location as well as filter recommendations. Expanding further on these features, Foursquare adds: