Google Glass Gets Unofficial Foursquare Client


With Google Glass still available only to a limited number of Glass Explorers who are willing to stump up $1,500, its app catalog is still looking a little bare. Fortunately, there are third-party developers out there who are trying to make up for the lack of support from official apps.

David Vávra is one of them, and he just released Google Glass’s first Foursquare client called Glasquare.

Glasquare delivers all the basic features you’d expect from a third-party Foursquare client, and of course, it’s voice-controlled. You can check-in and upload photos of your location, search for other locations, find the best locations nearby, and access directions.

To start the app, users perform the usual “Ok Glass” command, then say one of the following Glasquare actions:

  • “Check me in”
  • “Show best venues”
  • “Search venues for…”

The app performs very well, according to the Google Glass Fans blog. “I have Glasquare running on my Glass right now and frankly, it works very nicely,” writes Spencer Kleyweg. “I visited my local Starbucks today and told Glass to check me in and within a few seconds, my device let me know I was successfully checked in.”

Until Glass gets an official Foursquare client, then, Glasquare should be more than enough to tide you over.