New Foursquare Update Allows You To Check In With Your Friends


A new Foursquare update recently touched down on Google Play that introduces its ‘most requested feature’ ever, according to its developers. The update adds the ability to check in with your friends whenever you go places together.

When you check in and choose the ‘I’m with…’ button, you can add friends in the usual way. However, once you’ve updated the app, when you press the ‘Check in here’ button, Foursquare will automatically notify your friend that you are trying to check them in.

Once your buddy receives the notification, they have the choice to either approve or decline the action.

If you check-in at the same place, before or after a friend checks you in, yours will be the only check in that shows. Which will then enable you to add a tip, photo or status message, regardless of your friends check in.

Each time a friend checks you in, you’ll receive a notification. If you don’t want to be checked in, Foursquare have thought of that and added a delete button, so you can easily get rid of it with one tap.

The full changelog for this version is as follows:

Less tapping, more exploring. Save time while you’re out with friends with the new option to check them in (with their permission, of course!).

If you wish to update or download your copy of the Foursquare app, be sure to click the source link below.