Foursquare wants to be the Uber of food and booze


Foursquare and want to liquor you up. Photo: Nan Palmero/Flickr CC

It’s not often we hear any major new features coming to Foursquare lately, but the service just announced something pretty huge. It has partnered with to allow users to order food, groceries and even liquor right from the app to get sent straight to their homes.

All you have to do is open up Foursquare and browse through restaurants, liquor stores or grocery stores. When you come across one (or many) that work with you can tap a button to get taken to and place your order. That means when you’re home alone on the weekend and drowning in sorrows over a breakup, you don’t even have to leave your house to get pizza or a giant bottle of wine. We live at an incredible time.

Of course, the usefulness of the Foursquare integration still depends on if is available in your area. It’s available in over 40 cities across the U.S. with over 10,000 businesses on board. You’re likely to see more places around you compatible with if you live in a more urban area. Don’t forget you’ll also have to pay an extra delivery fee for the service, which varies for each restaurant.

Yelp already integrated with Eat24 delivery service which keeps it at an advantage since Eat24 is available in 1,500 cities with 25,000 restaurants. But unlike, Eat24 doesn’t support booze or grocery delivery.

If you’re still a loyal Foursquare user, this convenient new feature is just another reason to keep using it. For others, maybe it’s a reason to start. Though the more you order in the less you’ll have to travel anyway.