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Opera might not be as popular among Android users as Chrome but the browser definitely gets many things right compared to the latter. Today, the Opera team has released a major v20 update to their browser with some major under the hood improvements and changes. 


Mozilla may have its own Firefox OS smartphone platform now, but that hasn’t stopped it from teaming up with EverythingMe to develop a new Firefox Launcher for Android. Its aim is to make it easy for you to “discover the content you want in any moment,” and it seamlessly integrates with the Firefox web browser for Android.

firefox beta

A new Firefox beta for Android is out today, and among its changes is a new guest browsing feature that will make you feel more comfortable about letting your friends use your phone to surf the web. The update also brings mixed content blocking, and support for add-on indicators in the URL bar.

firefox beta

Mozilla has published a new Firefox for Android beta, which brings with it support for WebRTC (real-time web communication), a new Reader and Reading list, a feature which enables users to NFC Bump URLs, and a Quickshare menu to share content with other applications.

firefox beta

Mozilla has published a new Firefox for Android 23 beta, which brings with it the ability to view RSS feeds from the web browser, the automatic hiding of the location bar, and a flatter but more Web-friendly redesigned logo.

Mozilla’s lead visual designer, Sean Martell, announced that the new logo has been designed with “SVG compatibility and color consistency in mind.

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