Latest Firefox for Android beta brings Chromecast streaming


If Firefox is your browser of choice on Android, then you’ll be pleased to know it’s getting Chromecast support. The ability to stream to Google’s $35 dongle is already integrated into the latest Firefox beta — which is available now — signaling its upcoming debut in the public release.

If you want to enjoy Chromecast streaming inside Firefox now, you’ll need to download the FireFox Nightly release. Anyone can use it, but bear in mind that nightly builds are for testing purposes only and won’t be as stable as a public releases. They’re great for playing with upcoming features, but you shouldn’t rely on them full-time.

Once you have Firefox Nightly installed, you’ll find a Google cast button inside that will let you redirect all videos to your TV.

Mozilla, the maker of Firefox, is working on its own Chromecast competitor called Netcast, according to a June report from GigaOM. The device is expected to deliver much of the same functionality, but unlike Google’s, it will support a wider range of platforms, including Windows Phone and Mozilla’s own Firefox OS.

It’s somewhat surprising that Firefox is getting Chromecast support, then, but it’s certainly a nice addition.