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If Firefox is your browser of choice on Android, then you’ll be pleased to know it’s getting Chromecast support. The ability to stream to Google’s $35 dongle is already integrated into the latest Firefox beta — which is available now — signaling its upcoming debut in the public release.


Chromecast has been a runaway hit for Google selling millions of units within months of its release. Mozilla is now set to battle it out against Google’s $35 HDMI streamer with its own Firefox OS powered device that will work in a way similar to its competitor.

The unnamed device will allow users to beam content from their mobile devices, PC or Firefox browser to their TV. 

Geeksphone Revolution

The Geeksphone Revolution, the world’s first smartphone that runs both Android and Firefox OS, is now available for purchase from the Spanish manufacturer. The handset costs just €222 ($304), and Geeksphone is offering worldwide shipping.


We’ve been expecting a price tag and launch date for the Geeksphone Revolution for a while now, and today we finally got them. The world’s first dual-booting handset, which runs both Android and Firefox OS, will go on sale next Thursday, February 20, priced at €289 ($395).


Mozilla’s Linux based open-source operating system — Firefox OS — has met with relatively lukewarm response from the community. Initial Firefox OS running handsets have been released by relatively unknown OEMs and the immature nature of the OS has not helped much.

The open-nature of the OS makes it perfect for porting it to existing Android devices as evident from the ports for the Nexus 4, Nexus 7 and the HTC One. 

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