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This logo isn't the only modification AT&T will make to your Nexus 6. Photo: AT&T

This logo isn’t the only modification AT&T will make to your Nexus 6. Photo: AT&T

If you’re buying your new Nexus 6 on AT&T, you’re not going to get the completely pure Android experience you were probably expecting. We already know that the carrier is slapping its logo onto the back of Google’s latest smartphone before shipping it to customers, but it seems a number of changes are being made to its software, too.

No one wants Android's bloatware. Image: Killian Bell/Cult of Android

No one wants Android’s bloatware. Image: Killian Bell/Cult of Android

One of the downsides to choosing Android over iOS — if you live in the U.S., at least — is that carriers like to pre-install their own apps and services and prevent you from removing them. Often called “bloatware,” the apps sometimes include custom messaging apps, navigation clients, payment services, and more.

Very few Android users appreciate bloatware, and Google knows that. Thankfully, the company is now doing something about it. With Lollipop, it’ll be easier than ever for users to banish bloatware for good.

T-Mobile Logo

America’s fourth largest carrier has just announced a super cheap Simple Starter plan for consumers not looking to spend a lot in monthly rentals. Starting at $40, users get unlimited voice minutes, texts and 500MB of 4G LTE data.


If you didn’t order your unlocked or Developer Edition HTC One M8 before today, then you’re going to have to pay an extra $50 for it. The early bird promotion that allowed customers to bag one of these handsets for $649 for a limited time has now ended.


Almost every flagship has a smaller sidekick these days, and it seems the new HTC One M8 will be no different. While HTC is yet to confirm the rumored One M8 mini, one European carrier is already anticipating its arrival.

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