Google’s own wireless service could be for Nexus 6 only

This could be the only smartphone supported by Google's network. Photo: Google

This could be the only smartphone supported by Google’s network. Photo: Google

Google has already confirmed plans to experiment with its own wireless services to “show what’s possible,” and we know it’s going to be limited in its reach. So limited, in fact, that you might need Google’s own Nexus 6 smartphone to connect to it.

Scheduled to launch at the end of March, and reportedly codenamed “Nova,” Google’s network will only be available “on the company’s latest Nexus brand smartphone and not on other phones using Google’s Android operating system,” The Wall Street Journal says.

One source familiar with the plans claims it won’t even be available on the Nexus 5, which is still being sold by Google, four months after the launch of its successor.

Nova is being launched to demonstrate new innovations in wireless service that Google hopes larger carriers will adopt. Like the company’s fiber broadband efforts, it hopes to show companies and consumers what’s really possible with today’s technology.

“Our goal here is to drive a set of innovations which we think the system should adopt,” said Google’s SVP Sundar Pichai during an announcement at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona earlier this week.

Nova is designed to switch between both Wi-Fi and cellular networks to provide users with the best service they can get in any situation, and one of its features will be the ability to automatically reconnect dropped calls so that you don’t have to redial manually.

Google is expected to launch Nova “in coming weeks,” The Journal’s sources say, and it’s expected to use existing infrastructure owned by Sprint and T-Mobile, switching between the two to provide the best service in different locations.

If it’s a success, Google may expand its reach to additional locations, or to more devices, but for now the company says Nova will be rolled out on a “small scale.”