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The Samsung Galaxy S5 has become the latest tech giant to take on the Ice Bucket Challenge to raise awareness for ALS — but does it have an ulterior motive? Like the vast majority of videos that Samsung puts out, this one can’t help but take a swipe at competing devices from rival companies.


Swing Copters, the latest game from Flappy Bird creator .GEARS Studios, could be one of the most difficult games you’ll ever play on a smartphone — but the frustration begins long before you actually start playing the game. Thanks to hundreds of clones that now litter Google Play, finding the original release is where the challenge really begins.


Tesla Model S owners will soon be able to use an iPhone or Android-powered smartphone to start their car when they’ve forgotten their keyfob. The new feature will be introduced with an update to Tesla’s in-car operating system that’s currently in beta testing ahead of its public rollout.


Many have tried and failed to compete with Google Play on Android, but Verizon is hoping it can buck that trend with its own app store alternative that will allow software developers to “to take full advantage of specific features of wireless-carrier networks,” The Information reports.


When Google Glass first went on sale to a select few members of the beta testing public back in April, 2013, there was only two major complaints — one was the non-inclusion of an external speaker, and the other was its design. Within a matter of months, the search engine giant resolved the first issue by introducing a mono earbud, and now it looks like it’s dealing with the second.

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