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Google voice search on Android now has the ability to detect up to five different languages in just one search. Designed to help people who speak more than one language, it allows you ask one question in Spanish and another in French, and it will automatically understand both requests.


Google’s text-to-speech engine is now available as a dedicated app on Android, allowing those with devices from third-party manufacturers (with third-party interfaces) to install use the company’s own technology if they choose to. The app will also allow Google to issue text-to-speech updates more easily, without having to bake them into Android system updates.


DIRECTV has been updated to version 2.5 on Google Play, bringing along a bunch of new features — the main one being the ability to use voice search to find out what’s on TV.


On Thursday June 6th Sony announced the latest addition to its line of Google TV devices, the NSZ-GS8. The Internet Player is the successor to Sony’s NSZ-GS7, which it announced last year. The biggest change for this years model is the addition of voice search.

If you’ve recently updated your Google Search app for Android, you’ll notice a few great new features. One of those features is the ability to use the Song Match functionality straight from Google Search.