Google Launches Dedicated Text-To-Speech App For Android


Google’s text-to-speech engine is now available as a dedicated app on Android, allowing those with devices from third-party manufacturers (with third-party interfaces) to install use the company’s own technology if they choose to. The app will also allow Google to issue text-to-speech updates more easily, without having to bake them into Android system updates.

Google’s text-to-speech engine is built into some Android devices — including those from its own Nexus family — but some third-party hardware makers choose to replace it with their own. The ability to download Google’s solution from Google Play now gives everyone the option to use it — regardless of who makes their smartphone or tablet

Google’s has recently made a number of its apps and features, which were previously available only on Nexus devices, available as dedicated downloads through Google Play — such as its own keyboard and voice search function. Now you’ll find text-to-speech there, too, and as usual, it’s completely free.