Google search for Android now speaks up to 5 languages at once

multilang (1)

Google voice search on Android now has the ability to detect up to five different languages in just one search. Designed to help people who speak more than one language, it allows you ask one question in Spanish and another in French, and it will automatically understand both requests.

User must select which languages they want search to understand, and from then on, Google will automatically detect which one you’re using when you perform a voice search. For now, you need to stick to one language per sentence, Google says, but you can ask multiple questions in multiple languages inside just one search.

Of course, Google search on Android doesn’t just answer your questions — it also lets you dictate text messages, set reminders or alarms, check the weather, and do lots of other things. So you can ask your phone to remind you to pick up milk in English, then dictate a message to a friend in Portuguese without changing a single settings.

Google search already supports more than 50 languages on Android, but until now, users had to change its settings manually every time they wanted to switch between them. Once you have the latest Google Search app installed on your device (version 3.6), you can enter the settings menu and select up to five languages to use simultaneously.

“Whether you get a spoken response from Google depends on the language you use and your query,” reads a post on the Google blog. The search giant also promises that more languages and new features will be added over time.