Sony NSZ-GS8 Google TV Gets Voice Search


On Thursday June 6th Sony announced the latest addition to its line of Google TV devices, the NSZ-GS8. The Internet Player is the successor to Sony’s NSZ-GS7, which it announced last year. The biggest change for this years model is the addition of voice search.

Voice search via the Sony NSZ-GS8 can be used simply by speaking into the remote control, this will process through the system and trigger a response in the unit itself. You can use voice control to search the web using Chrome, display TV listings and change television channels.

Sony have also implemented new sharing capabilities into its latest Google TV device. The company claims that sharing photos and videos from Android powered tablets and smartphones can be done wirelessly, productively and seamlessly via its Airtight application.

If you’re using a device running iOS, Sony made sure that you can use your NSZ-GS8 device for viewing photos and videos via the Airtight application for iOS.

According to Sony Electronics, its new model will be available to purchase through Sony stores and alternative retailers starting in early July for an affordable price of $199.

If you would like to know the exact release date of the NSZ-GS8, you can visit the Sony Store online, and set up an email notification which will notify you when the device is ready to order. You may also catch a glimpse of it’s predecessor the NSZ-GS7 at its new on sale price of $169.