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Google is in the process of pushing out an update for its official Translate application, which can be downloaded directly from the Play Store. This upgrade doesn’t bring much in terms of new features, but it does bring support for an additional 9 languages — bumping the total number up to 80.


Google has pushed out an update for its Translate app on Google Play, bringing new gesture support, improved conversational translations, as well as handwriting support for Hebrew, Greek, Javanese and Esperanto.


Google pushed out an update for its Translate app on Google Play yesterday, bringing handwriting support for both Hindi and Thai. The upgrade also expands the app’s built-in “camera input” feature capabilities.


After bringing new features to its public Chrome browser for Android this week, Google has now updated its beta release to version 28. In addition to fullscreen support for tablets, the update brings Google Translate page translations, a new graph that displays estimated bandwidth savings when using the browser’s data compression feature, and more.


This is one Google Now bug that Google won’t be too happy about: a glitch that causes the service to randomly “praise the iPad” when a user performs certain voice searches. Google Now reads out its response, but adds “he now praises the iPad” to the end of it. Check out the video below.

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