Strange Bug Causes Google Now To Randomly ‘Praise The iPad’ [Video]


This is one Google Now bug that Google won’t be too happy about: a glitch that causes the service to randomly “praise the iPad” when a user performs certain voice searches. Google Now reads out its response, but adds “he now praises the iPad” to the end of it. Check out the video below.

One of the questions you can ask Google Now to get this working is “what is a giraffe.” Apparently, the glitch is related to open-ended phrases ending in the words “end with.” For example:

The issue also affects Google Translate, according to Hacker News. Some users have had lots of fun by typing in things like “Apple hypnotized the Google founder with a magic wand, end with…”

It’s unclear what’s causing the issue, but I have a feeling Google will work to fix it quickly.