Google Chrome Beta Update Brings Page Translations, Fullscreen For Tablets, More


After bringing new features to its public Chrome browser for Android this week, Google has now updated its beta release to version 28. In addition to fullscreen support for tablets, the update brings Google Translate page translations, a new graph that displays estimated bandwidth savings when using the browser’s data compression feature, and more.

Google Translate for Chrome on Android works just like it does inside Chrome on desktops. If you visit a website that isn’t in the same language as your phone or tablet, a notification will pop up at the bottom of the screen that will ask whether you’d like to translate it.


In addition to this, this Chrome beta release brings the following changes:

  • Fullscreen on tablets: Simply scroll the page to dismiss the toolbar
  • Support for fullscreen API
  • New graph showing your estimated bandwidth savings when you use the experimental data compression feature
  • Mobile friendly error pages

If you don’t already have the Chrome beta installed on your Android smartphone, you can download it through Google Play by clicking the source link below (you won’t find it by searching the Play Store). Once it’s installed, you’ll get updates through Google Play as normal.