Google Translate Updated With Support For 9 New Languages


Google is in the process of pushing out an update for its official Translate application, which can be downloaded directly from the Play Store. This upgrade doesn’t bring much in terms of new features, but it does bring support for an additional 9 languages — bumping the total number up to 80.

These 9 new languages, coupled with the applications last update, make it significantly easier for two people who speak different languages to communicate. Firstly, activate the app, next, select the two languages you would like to translate between and tap the microphone icon located in the right-hand side of the screen then speak your sentence. The phone will then prompt you to turn it towards the other person, and the sentence will be read out to them in their native tongue, after which they will have the opportunity to reply.

The new languages mostly originate from either sub-Saharan Africa or Asia, can be seen below:

  • Hausa (Harshen Hausa) – Nigeria and neighboring countries
  • Igbo (Asụsụ Igbo) – Nigeria
  • Yoruba (èdè Yorùbá) – Nigeria and neighboring countries
  • Somali (Af-Soomaali) – Somalia and other countries around the Horn of Africa
  • Zulu (isiZulu) spoken in South Africa and other south-western African countries
  • Mongolian (Монгол хэл) – Mongolia
  • Nepali (नेपाली) – Nepal and India
  • Punjabi language (ਪੰਜਾਬੀ) (Gurmukhi script) – India and Pakistan
  • Maori (Te Reo Māori) – New Zealand

If you wish to download the update for the Google Translate application directly from the Play Store — click the source link below.