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Just a week or so ago, we quoted a Square Enix producer saying that there were a lot of fans in the offices who wanted to see a Final Fantasy VII port happen. But don’t hold your breath, as millions of fans appear to have done, promting Square Enix to set the record straight: it’s years away from happening, if ever.

Square Enix has announced today that it will be bringing Final Fantasy IV to iOS devices on December 20, and to Android at some point during 2013. The port appears not to be the original, but instead the title’s remake that was brought to the Nintendo DS with 3D graphics among other features and improvements.

Square Enix has decided to take Android users back to their RPG roots by releasing the original Final Fantasy (the Final Fantasy that started it all) onto the Google Play Store for us to relive the magic. I’m betting they did this to make up for today’s earlier release of Solarola. Either way, this is a little more like it.