Square Enix Releases… Wait For It… SolaRola!?

Okay, this probably isn’t what you were hoping for from the company that brought us titles such as Final Fantasy XIV and Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, but Square Enix’s next mobile release is none other than SolaRola. If you haven’t heard of it, don’t worry — most of us haven’t. This cute mobile puzzler platformer was actually launched on Java back in 2007, and believe it or not, happens to be among a handful of games to secure a perfect 10 score and Platinum Award from Pocket Gamer.

SolaRola stars Wiz and Waz, the game’s blob-like gung-ho duo, tasked with bouncing across a number of challenging planets with the ultimate aim of saving the galaxy. Using whatever comes to hand, the daring pairing must thwart the plans of their nemesis, Ping the Unmerciless who has kidnapped the six guardians of SolaRola’s universe. With each planet inhabited by all manner of enemies and hazards, the player must navigate Wiz and Waz across a number of ill-positioned obstacles including rocks, slime, bombs and trampolines.

There’s plenty of challenging planets and obstacles in this physics-based puzzler to keep you busy for a while, and at less the cost of a real puzzle, why not give it a try?

SolaRola is available on both Android and iOS. For some reason it’s $.99 on iOS and $1.08 on Android. Also, I’ve yet to find an Android device compatible with the game, so hopefully that’s something that will be fixed ASAP.

If you find yourself interested in helping Wiz ad Waz out, you can grab the game by following the appropriate app store link below. Cheers!