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Google's latest event invite. Image: Android Authority.

Google’s latest event invite. Image: Android Authority.

Google has begun issuing invitations for a September 15 event in India where it is expected to announced the first crop of Android One devices built specifically for emerging markets. The handsets are expected to go on sale next month, with prices starting at just $100.


Sony’s strange Android-powered selfie camera has been revealed in leaked images ahead of its upcoming debut in Asia. The device is designed to look like a fancy perfume bottle and it has a swiveling Exmor RS sensor with optical image stabilization.


Google is part of a global consortium that plans to install an undersea cable linking the U.S. and Japan to provide faster and more reliable Internet to Asia. The search giant hopes its “FASTER” project will make Google services more accessible to billions of people.


Xiaomi has been in the news for all the right and the wrong reasons lately. The company recently expanded its operations to India and unveiled its latest flagship handset — the Mi 4. However, for a company this big, Xiaomi has little presence outside of Asia, which has led many people to dismiss it as just another Chinese OEM.

In case you are one of those people, read below to find out about more Xiaomi and why you should not write it off as just another Apple wannabe.

HTC One M8

The HTC One M8 is only available in the U.S, UK and HTC’s home region of Taiwan at the moment. The company has now announced that the rest of the Asian markets will get the new HTC flagship starting from May with the exception of Singapore, where the handset will launch this weekend on the 5th of April.

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