HTC One M8 Reaching Asian Markets In May

HTC One M8

The HTC One M8 is only available in the U.S, UK and HTC’s home region of Taiwan at the moment. The company has now announced that the rest of the Asian markets will get the new HTC flagship starting from May with the exception of Singapore, where the handset will launch this weekend on the 5th of April.

Singapore customers can get the handset forĀ 998 SGD ($792), which is reasonable for a new flagship. There’s no word on pricing of the handset in other regions of Asia, but we expect it to be around the same range.

It seems like HTC has missed a trick by delaying the launch as the Samsung Galaxy S5 is launching on the 11th of April in all major Asian markets, which will surely impact the sales of the HTC flagship when it breaks cover in May.

HTC however has been clever enough to focus on launching the smartphone immediately after its announcement in the U.S., UK and Taiwan to lure in as many customers as possible.