A brand-new subscription news site called The Information published a story this week saying Google would launch a product within the next seven months called Nexus TV.

I believe and hope the story is true. Because I’m rooting for Google in the TV space. Here’s why.

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I’ve decided to use Google Now exclusively for a long list of tasks. I’m calling it the Google Now Diet.

Here’s why I’m doing it. New technology is great. Trouble is, we’re all stuck with habits formed by old technology.

For example, when you want to search, what do you do? I habitually type in a search in the URL address bar or go to

When I want to give myself a reminder, I tend to open the Gmail app on my phone and send myself an email.

And when I want to play a YouTube video, I thumb through the apps, find the YouTube app, open it, tap on the search field and type in the name of the video or song I’m looking for.

I know that Google Now does all this stuff easier, faster and better. Yet my habits were formed in olden days before Now existed. So I forget to use Google Now.

The good news is that there’s a way to break old habits and form new ones. And that is the diet concept — limit yourself only to the new way of doing things.

And that’s why I’m going on the Google Now diet.



Google is getting closer to releasing Google Glass into the market. And we learned this week that Google’s Android team is working on a smartwatch

Both these products are examples of Android-based wearable computing devices.

A fresh new religious war has broken out on the social networks about whether the watch is better than the glasses, or whether smartphones are better than both the glasses and the watch. “Why would I wear an Android smartwatch when I have an Android phone in my pocket that’s much better?”

These arguments demonstrate that most people don’t get this technology at all.


The site 9to5Google reported this week that an “extremely reliable source” says Google plans to open retail stores later this year.

The purpose of the stores, according to the post, is to sell Google products like the Nexus line of phones and tablets, and also to promote hard-to-understand future items like the Google Glass idea.

The author speculated that Google might also sell Google merchandise like T-shirts.

All this sounds like either crazy talk, or the kind of Apple envy that may have motivated Microsoft to open a chain of retail stores.

But I think Google Stores could be a huge advantage for Google.

While Google’s Day 1 Keynote was Oscar worthy, there was plenty of amazing announcements included in Day 2. If you happened to miss the Day 2 Keynote, you can now head over to YouTube and watch it in its entirety.

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