Google TV will be getting OnLive gaming support very soon, and in preparation of this monumental event, users can now start spectating these live games via the OnLive Viewer app. OnLive is a popular cloud gaming service that streams high-end console video games straight to your screen without the need for high-end hardware. Cloud based gaming is considered by many to be the future of gaming and will free gamers from hardware restraints and allow for a truly unified mobile gaming experience across various platforms. It’s only fitting that the OnLive service be coming to Google TV, as GTV has been working hard on bringing on-demand multimedia to your TV, and what better addition than on-demand gaming.

There have been various ways to access live TV on your mobile device, my personal choice being Slingplayer, but up until now, you were forced to watch whatever was being played through your main cable feed (or visa versa). Motorola hopes to change all that with their Televation product. With Televation, users will have an independent, dedicated content feed from their cable provider that can be streamed to any connected IP device for viewing across a user’s wireless network. The product was actually announced back in June but they had some demos here at CES to show off just how well it works.

Coming off the announcement of “World’s thinnest smartphone,” Huawie has introduced a new series of MediaPad tablets. The first announcement was for Huawei’s new MediaPad, which appears to be the same as the original MediaPad released in June, but will come pre-installed with Android 4.0. This would make the MediaPad one of the world’s first tablets to come pre-loaded with the new Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. I guess Huawei is really going for those “world’s first” titles. Besides the new MediaPad with Ice Cream Sandwich, Huawei has announced a new MediaPad color series.

While many companies are touting their newest Android devices, Sony has not only released new devices, but has some pretty cool accessories to go along with them. These aren’t your average run of the mill Android accessories either, they’re “Smart Extras” for Android. Sony announced three new “Smart Extras” and one in particular has me dreaming up endless possibilities. Let’s take a look at what Sony has presented us with and see just how “Smart” they are.

T-Mobile seems to be the last to make any sort of announcement regarding future plans and devices. After looking at the press release, I can see why. Not much going on over at T-Mo other than an expanded 4G network, an enhanced Bobsled messaging service, and another Samsung Galaxy variant. But hey, let’s not hang them out to dry, stay tuned for a few of the specifics after the break.

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