Sony Introduces Its Smart Extras For Android [CES 2012]

While many companies are touting their newest Android devices, Sony has not only released new devices, but has some pretty cool accessories to go along with them. These aren’t your average run of the mill Android accessories either, they’re “Smart Extras” for Android. Sony announced three new “Smart Extras” and one in particular has me dreaming up endless possibilities. Let’s take a look at what Sony has presented us with and see just how “Smart” they are.

Xperia SmartTags – switch your smartphone settings with a single swipe

The Xperia SmartTags are the coolest little accessories I’ve seen, and I can’t wait to see what uses people dream up for these. Xperia SmartTags work with any NFC enabled smartphone, and allows a user to launch a pre-configured profile such as the alarm clock, by simply touching your phone to the tag.

I’ve been imaging inventive ways to use NFC ever since its birth, and this is definitely one of them. I’ve always wanted an NFC chip in my bathroom to automatically launch my favorite game when I take a porcelain time out, and these SmartTags are going to make that a reality (I know, I dream big). Less disgusting uses would be a GPS tag in the car, alarm clock tag next to the bed, or perhaps a grocery list tag next to the fridge. There are simply endless possibilities to this inventive yet simple accessory, and I can’t wait to play with them.

Smart Wireless Headset pro – the Bluetooth headset that does it all

This next “Smart Extra” from Sony is a Bluetooth stereo headset that features an on-device display so that users can read text messages, see incoming calls, access calendar notifications and more. If you don’t want to pair the device with your phone, you can always use it as a standalone MP3 player and radio for simply listening to tunes. It’s a nice accessory for those who want less bulk when listening to music and exercising but don’t want to miss any important calls or messages.

SmartWatch – access apps and smartphone features with a micro display for Android

This isn’t Sony’s first attempt at the “SmartWatch” and basically resembles a revamped Sony Ericcson LiveView. The Sony SmartWatch takes advantage of a prime viewing location for humans — the wrist. Using a micro-display, the SmartWatch communicates with your Android smartphone via Bluetooth and gives you access to text messages, social media, and customized apps from the Android Market. You can also use it simply as a watch and customize the color of your band for a unique style. I passed on the original LiveView when it first came out but I may just pick up one of these, because I’d much rather look at my wrist than have to pull my phone out every time I get a message.