Popular Cloud Gaming Service OnLive Coming Soon To Google TV, OnLive Viewer Available Now

Google TV will be getting OnLive gaming support very soon, and in preparation of this monumental event, users can now start spectating these live games via the OnLive Viewer app. OnLive is a popular cloud gaming service that streams high-end console video games straight to your screen without the need for high-end hardware. Cloud based gaming is considered by many to be the future of gaming and will free gamers from hardware restraints and allow for a truly unified mobile gaming experience across various platforms. It’s only fitting that the OnLive service be coming to Google TV, as GTV has been working hard on bringing on-demand multimedia to your TV, and what better addition than on-demand gaming.

Starting today, Google TV users will be able to download the OnLive Viewer app which allows users to instantly watch hundreds of games being played live by gamers throughout the world. It’s sort of like gaming TV and lets users browse through multiple live games, to not only watch the action, but also:

  • View Brag Clip Videos – Watch and rate Brag Clip™ videos showing incredible moves (and hilarious fails).
  • Watch Game Trailers – View trailers for current and upcoming games.
  • Make Friends – Add your favorite players, cheer their gameplay and send them messages.
  • Access Everywhere – Your game profile is stored in the cloud so you can play on your Android tablet or phone and then sign on to your Google TV to watch your friends play.

This seems to be the standard steps in the OnLive process, first the OnLive Viewer, then full on cloud gaming! In fact, this week at the CES Show in Las Vegas, VIZIO will showcase the first-ever line of Google TV products with OnLive playability built in. Just one more reason to consider picking up a Google TV.

via Phandroid

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