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One of the standout features of the Galaxy Note II happens to be its Multi Window view. Unfortunately, not every Note II model currently has this feature available to it. T-Mobile has been dragging its feet with the update but will finally push it out to users come this Wednesday December 19th.

‘Tis the Season for icy corpses and carnivorous reindeer. Okay, maybe not the reindeer part, but there’s definitely a legion of undead terrorizing the North Pole and spreading Christmas fear. That’s right, our favorite zombie shooter title Dead Trigger has received a freakishly festive holiday update full of cold corpses, new weapons, and a jolly dead soul called Zanta.

Google’s latest holiday promo appears to involve the Play store and a few incognito elves. These elves will be unwrapping a special play offer each day through 1/1/2013. These offers could be anything from special app promotions to saving money within an app. For instance, today’s offer gives anyone who downloads the app Hotel Tonight $35 to use towards their first hotel booking.

If you’re still trying to figure out which Android smartphone you should pick up this holiday season, let us help out by laying out a few of the great options available. We’ll give you a few choices for the various carriers and possible deals hosted by sites such as Amazon Wireless and Wirefly.

If anyone can continually compliment our cans with tantalizing toilet treats, it’s the Japanese. Introducing the Satis: a smartphone controlled toilet that does everything from power washing your bum to playing “I like big butts” on its built-in speaker system.

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