The Satis Is A Smartphone Controlled Toilet That Tickles Your Tush While Shaking Your Booty With Bass

If anyone can continually compliment our cans with tantalizing toilet treats, it’s the Japanese. Introducing the Satis: a smartphone controlled toilet that does everything from power washing your bum to playing “I like big butts” on its built-in speaker system.

The Satis includes all the usual intelligent toilet features such as adjustable jet streams that are guaranteed to “wash every corner.” What sets the Satis apart form its competitors is the companion “My Satis” Android app that pairs with the toilet via Bluetooth.

Using the “My Satis” app, users can remotely lift the lid, flush the toilet, adjust the water pressure and yes, even stream music to the toilet’s speaker system. There’s also a “Diary toilet” feature for keeping track of your daily business, and a convenient monitoring system for providing water and electricity stats.

The Lixil Satis will come in three models, all of which are expected to be available February 2013. If you don’t mind flushing your money down the toilet, you can pick up one of these Satis bowls for ¥199,500 to ¥389,550 (approximately $2,385 to $4,657) and download the crappy companion app for free.